Laser Cut Stencils


Metal Etch Services, Inc. provides high quality stencils for use in PCB assembly. We start with the best available base materials from trusted sources in the US who adhere to our strict quality standards.

Our team of skilled in-house CAD technicians filter through your data optimizing aperture design to provide the most effective design for your specific application.

We then utilize the most modern and accurate laser equipment available, manufactured by the industry leader in stencil laser technologies. Our machines are rigorously maintained to ensure proper calibration and optimal cut quality.

All this is accomplished in a time frame that allows you to meet your deadlines.


Our product is superior even in its standard form, however, there are enhancement options such as Nano Clear coating and Nickel or Fine Grain foil that you may benefit from depending on your specific application.

Unsure if you would benefit from an enhancement? Let our experts know!


More and more of today's PCB assemblies are comprised of mixed technologies. You may have large components such as connectors, DPAKs, or ground planes that require a fair deal of paste volume and height which in turn require a thick foil. Conversely, some assemblies may also have ultra-fine pitch devices and micro BGAs requiring a very thin foil. Multi-level stencils prevent you from having to choose the "Goldie Locks" thickness and allow for the optimal foil thickness across the board.

In addition to optimizing foil thickness, multi-level stencils can be utilized for providing clearance on the substrate contact side of the stencil to avoid raised areas on the PCB. They also allow for clearance of flux in a dual print scenario or to account for other topographical variances present in some assemblies.

Our multi-level stencils are fabricated using one of two methods. Our experts are always happy to assist you in choosing which method best fits your specific application needs.

Chemically Milled Multi-Level Stencils: Our chemically milled multi-level stencil process provides a fast, flexible, and budget friendly option for the majority of assemblies.

Micro-Profile Multi-Level Stencils: The micro-profile process adds additional measures of accuracy and precision for your most challenging multi-level stencil requirements. Superior accuracy, surface roughness, and a gradual transition into stepped areas are some of the benefits that have made the micro-profile process the preferred method.


We stock a variety of cast and tubular frames ranging in size from 5x5 to 29x29. Custom tubular frames can be manufactured per your specifications.

We also stock many reusable frame formats such as QTS, Apshen (VectorGuard® compatible), ProFrame®, Zelflex and Anodized green frames for lead free identification.

Thin Metal Parts


Metal Etch Services' parts division builds custom precision parts for use across multiple industrial and consumer goods applications such as washers, spacers, tabs, encoders, meshes, medical instruments, and even decorative pieces. If you can conceive it, we can cut it! From the simplest to the most challenging projects, we are your one stop shop for prototype and production runs.

While laser cutting technologies are the more commonly used solution, we understand there are times a chemical etch is required. We are well equipped to use one or both technologies to perfect your parts.


Metal Etch Services parts are available in a wide variety of metals such as Nickel, stainless steel, allow 42, invar, kovar, spring steel, and molybdenum. Have a specialty material not listed here that you would prefer we use? Not a problem, just let us know!

Our unique material handling system can accommodate foil sheet sizes as small as 3x3in and as large as 24x24in.


Have a legacy assembly with no artwork or data files? Not a problem. Our reverse engineering process allows us to build a part from a part.


Laser cut geometries can be produced with high level accuracies, often times within 10 microns of the nominal value.



Quality control is a key pillar in what drives the success of our business. Our skilled quality technicians possess the equipment and knowledge to perform full metrology in order to comply with the most stringent requirements.




Today's high technology applications such as Thick Film, LTCC, Solar, and all other micro-electronic applications demand the use of high quality screens. We use only the highest quality raw materials including Swiss made stainless steel mesh, durable epoxies, and a variety of emulsion selections to meet your exact application needs.


Bare Screens are stretched using your specified mesh count, mesh bias and frame size. Screens are stretched to industry tension standards or to your specific tension requirements.


Sensitized screens go one step further in the process with the application of emulsion per the customers specified type and thickness.

Emuslison thickness can be ordered in increments of 5um. We can help you determine which emulsion type will best fit your application. We stock both liquid emulsion and capillary film. Screens are shipped sealed in light safe bags for processing at our customer's facility.

We can offer help in identifying the correct exposure rates of our sensitized screens based on your exposure equipment.


Imaged screens are fully developed and ready for your printer right out of the box. Our imaged screens can be made with your choice of mesh type, emulsion thickness and mesh bias. We can use a customer provided photo-plot, or generate the photo-plot for you in our on-site photo lab. Let us do the work for you!


We stock a variety of cast and tubular frames ranging in size from 5x5 to 29x29. Custom size tubular frames can be manufactured per your specifications.

Customer returned frames are cleaned to remove the epoxy and mesh, followed by glass bead blasting to remove any contaminates. These frames are then checked for coplanarity and mounting hole thread condition. Frames are returned to service only after meeting our quality criteria.

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