Frequently Asked Questions

We need information regarding frame size and foil thickness as well as Gerber data containing Solder paste and Silk Screen files. All customer specifications are cataloged to ease the process of future orders.

We can get a stencil anywhere in the U.S. The very next morning after you order it. Local customers can get a stencil in as little as 2 hours.

Yes! Our experienced design engineers will provide recommendations to prevent manufacturing errors.

This is a very difficult question to answer as the answer will vary from end user to end user. Many factors affect the total number of cycles a stencil will print before it is damaged to the point it no longer produce good print. Things like printing parameters, metal squeegees, squeegee composition, clean chemistry, PCB sub-scrape, etc. The stencils that we make in our facility are constructed with raw materials of the highest possible quality.

We keep all stencil data indefinitely “when unregulated” on our secure server, You can reorder a stencil from your past order history just by giving us the old job number or your part number.

Mesh bias affects the final print definition. Mesh bias is determined based on your image.

We stock a wide variety of options from direct, indirect, pure photo polymer, diasio, and capillary.

Emulsion thickness range from base coat in increments of 5 microns.


Your used frames can be returned and reconditions to be used in future orders.

Although we cannot close any openings we can add or increase apertures, add fiducial, and modify or update labeling.

Please supply mesh count, emulsion thickness, wire diameter, angle, frame size/type, and either your existing photo plot, DXF, DWG, or Gerber file for in house production.

We can process foils ranging from .07 mil to 30 mil and everything in between.

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