Today's high tecnology applications demand the use of high quality screens. We use only the highest quality raw materials including Swiss grade Stainless steel mesh, high strength epoxies and a variety of emulsions that can be tailored to meet your exact application. 

    We add this to over 27 years of experience to offer you products and solutions that fufill your most demanding requirements. 


    Bare Screens are streched using customer specified mech count, mesh bias and frame size. Screens are stretched to industry tension standards or to customer specific tension requirements. 

    Our bare screens are degreased, bagged and delivered ready for emulsion applications and imaging at your facility. 


    Sensitised screens go one step further in the process with the application of emulsion to customer specified thickness. Emulsion thickness is applied in .0001" increments using a variety of emulsion types. 

    We can help you determine which emulsion type will better fit your application. We stock both liquid emulsion and capillary film. Screens are shipped sealed in light safe bags for processing at our customer's facility.

    We can offer help in identifying the correct exposure rates of our sensitised screens based on your exposure equipment.  


    Imaged screens are screens that have been streched, coated and imaged with your supplied image. We can work with customer supplied film or we can plot film in house from your supplied data. 

    Imaged screens are inspected for proper mesh count, Wire diameter, mesh bias, featured size, line definition and tension. Our imaged screens allow you to go from our box to your printer.


    We stock cast aluminium frames in sizes ranging from 5x5 to 24 x 24. We also stock a large variety of tubular aluminium frames that fit most standard screen printers. Customer returned frames are cleaned to remove the epoxy and mesh followed by glass bead blasting to remove any contaminates. 

    Custom size tubular frames can be manufactured per your supplied specifications. 

    These frames are checked for flatness and mounting hole thread conditon. Frames are returned to service only after meeting quality criteria. 

Laser Cutting Services


    Metal Etch Services Inc. provides high quality stencils for use in PCB assembly. We start with the best available base materials from trusted sources in the USA who adhere to our strict quality standards. 

    We utilize the most modern and accurate laser equipment available, manufactured by the industry leader in laser technologies. 

    Our machines are rigorously maintained to ensure proper calibration and optimal cut quality. Our stencils receive detailed and through front end data manipulation at which time our CAD technicians filter through your data and optimize aperture design to provide the most effective design for your specific application. 

    We offer true customer solutions for your requirements. We do not operate under cookie cutter one size fits all mentality. All stencils are subjected to our QC process which includes a photo scan to verify aperture presence as well as a size and positional accuracy verification. 

    All this is accomplished in a time frame that allows you to meet your deadlines. 


    Whether you need a few prototypes or production quantities our laser cutting services can help you produce the products you require. 

    Lasers are widely used in todays manufacturing environment to service an ever growing demand for high precision, burr free components that can easily be revised without incurring high setup fees and expensive tooling charges. 


    Step stencils allow for multiple paste thickness deposits with one single stencil. This technology also allows for reliefs on the board side of stencils for any needed clearance. 

Photo Chemical Etching

Metal Etch Services offers a fully capable chemical etching service. From the simplest to the most challenging projects we are your one stop shop for prototype and production runs. Our chemical etching solutions are creative, competitively priced, and focused on the customers needs. 

We take pride in the relationship that we create with our customers,  24 hour quote process, flexibilty, and on time delivery are just a few of the attributes that we emphasize. 

Thin Metal Parts

Metal Etch Services offers a wide variety of Laser Cut and/or Chemical Etch Precision Thin Metal Parts. High volume or prototypes - since photofabrication has no tooling wear, components can be accurately reproduced over long runs. Photo tooling is inexpensive, and keeps design change costs down to a minimum.

Precision Apertures - Laser Cut or Etched

Materials: Metal Etch Services Parts are available as standard products in a wide variety of materials such as Nickel, Stainless Steel, Alloy 42, Invar and Kovar.

Finishes: Post etch plating available in several finishes.

Shapes: Aperture shapes can be formed as diameters, slits or any geometric shape.

Precision: Etched apertures can be readily fabricated with opening tolerances down to ±0.0005".

Quality Control: Each Metal Etch Services parts are produced under the strictest quality standards. From the selection of material through the etching process to final finishing and packaging, each piece is inspected and reinspected to assure full compliance with specifications.